The DO’s & DON’TS of hiring a Chief Data Officer


  • Ask yourself whether ‘Chief Data Officer’ is the right Job Title for the role you are hiring


  • Have them report into the CEO or at the very least make sure the CEO is their biggest cheerleader


  • Have a strategic vision to create competitive advantage from your data, but also do understand that might not be able to happen immediately


  • At interview focus your assessment of potential candidates on Business Impact, Stakeholder Management & Talent Acquisition


  • Have a clear and precise vision of what success looks like for the CDO in 12/24 months’ time


  • Give the Chief Data Officer freedom and budget to make changes



  • Decide to hire a Chief Data Officer just because everyone else is


  • Hire a Chief Data Officer because they are the best Technical Specialist – This is a business role


  • Think your ideal candidate will already have a Chief Data Officer job title on their CV. (In fact the opposite maybe true)


  • Start your recruitment process until you have defined the precise leadership profile and experience the individual will need to be successful


  • Make the hire unless you are 100% on where the reporting lines are and where the role will sit in the leadership structure


  • Hire a CDO who is not able to demonstrate high levels of strategic vision


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