Data Science Recruitment? – Look for the ‘Holy Trinity’

Data Scientists are a rare breed, we all know that by now. But how do you spot one?

One of the reasons they are so rare is that there skill set is made up of three different technical disciplines. So when you are trying to Hire a Data Scientist make sure you look for the ‘Holy Trinity’ of skills in a candidates CV, as demonstrated by the diagram below.

A great Data Scientist may not have ‘Data Scientist’ or even ‘Data Science’ as a keyword on his CV, and they may not even have considered Data Science as a career option yet. That is why it is important to be able to recognise the skill set without having a key word to signpost the way for you.

You may even already have a potential Data Scientist in your company without even realising it! If you have someone with skills in all three areas below then you might be able to turn them into a Data Scientist, foregoing the need to hire anyone new.

It is worth noting though that there is a great intangible to Data Scientists which this diagram cannot demonstrate. That is that every good Data Scientist needs business curiosity & commercial acumen to be able to really make an impact. The only way you can establish this is by going ‘Old School’ – talking to them!

But remember, if in doubt look for the ‘Holy Trinity’.