Three often overlooked qualities required for the Top Jobs in Data Analytics

1. Business Focused

You must understand the business you are working in and the industry sector implicitly. You need to understand where and how the business generates revenue, and areas where you can drive change to create value.

2. A Networker and Relationship Builder

You need to be able to get things done in your organisation, and you will need the help of other stakeholders in the company. Depending on the company you will likely need to have people within IT, Finance & Marketing who you can influence and help you get your solutions built. The only way to do that successfully is build great relationships with the key people you will need on your side. You should be strategic in this, and ideally start building these relationships before you need to call on them.

3. Ability to hire great Talent 

It’s a hugely candidate driven market. The best Data Analytics leaders can identify quickly the skills they need to build a winning team and where they are likely to find those skills. They also have the salesmanship to convince those people to come and work for them.

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