5 Sectors focusing on Data Analytics recruitment in 2019 (that might surprise you!)

Data Analytics Recruitment

The Data Analytics Recruitment & Data Science Recruitment market has traditionally been dominated by sectors such as Financial Services, Marketing & Retail.  In 2019 a number of other sectors will be recruiting in and investing heavily in Data Science – here are 5 which may surprise you.



Famously the Governments own Chief Data Officer role still sits vacant, 2 years after the cabinet office started the Search process. I’d expect that to be filled this year though, as well as a whole raft of other senior Data & Analytics roles to be hired within Government and the Civil Service.

After the Cambridge Analytica revelations last year it’s hardly surprising that the Government and will need to be seen to be adding far more scrutiny on who is collecting our data, what they are doing with it and the influence they are having. The Government does not fully grasp the risks of today’s technology and that is going to have to change, with some bespoke Data Analytics Recruitment.


Insure-tech was big news in 2018 with a whole range of innovative tech companies around the world looking to utilise Data Science & Machine Learning to optimise risk selection and pricing, improve customer service & identify industry trends.

In 2019 you can expect to see a lot of Insurers look to take parts of these services and technology in house. Leaders will be needed, with skills not widely available in the Industry, to build these teams and functions.


The Chemicals industry is increasingly looking to Data Science to play a major part in speeding up the decision making process in chemical development. Analysis & visualisation of new data sets helps identify areas that need to be controlled during product development.

Also it enables the industry to forecast with far greater accuracy when a new product will be completed. This information is hugely valuable to sales teams within chemicals firms, enabling them to communicate with their client base with far greater clarity.

Private Equity

For some Private Equity firms Data Science is revolutionising how they invest their Billions. New servers and advanced modelling techniques are able to give quick answers to some of the most important questions that investors want answered.

The ultimate goal is to combine the scale and speed of new technology with human knowledge and research, to create smarter & more valuable investment decisions.

Expect to see more PE firms applying some Data Analytics Recruitment techniques to try to hire the best Data & Analytics leaders from other sectors in 2019.


Major construction projects create a HUGE amount of Data. Construction companies have been starting to realise that modern technology can allow them to collect and structure this data in a format ripe for analysis and value creation.

One statistic to illustrate the potential for value is that major construction projects waste on average 25% of materials on a single project. Material wastage costs the industry billions a year. Bringing accurate predictive analysis to an area like this can save a construction company millions on a single project.

At the end of 2018 a well known UK Construction giant hired a Chief Data Officer at Board level, a first for the industry. Expect Data Analytics Recruitment to be a big part of the industry’s plans through 2019.

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