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5 Dimensions of Data Leadership

Are you a High Performing Data Analytics Leader? – Compare yourself against Wyatt Partners 5 Dimensions of Data Leadership

After thousands of hours interacting with the very best Data Analytics leaders, we have created a five-dimensional Data Analytics leadership model.

The best leaders will have strong competence in most if not all of these areas:

  • Team Leadership / Management

Defining the goals and parameters for a team, as well as scale the numbers effectively & monitor performance and improve skills and competencies for the individuals & the group (ask yourself are these people & our overall capabilities better than when I started?)

  • Transformational/Change Management

Ability to see not only the route to improvements but also deliver both the multitude of technical and service changes needed but also bring the stakeholders with you and keep their buy in to be able to complete the transition and fulfill the potential everyone saw in the original blueprint

  • Technical Competence

Not just the hands-on skills with the tools you used on your way up, but evaluating the new methods and services available and being able to decide what you should stick with and what you need to update, the ability to stay current without just following the current

  • Strategy

Able to focus not just on your own work and day to day deliverables but also be aware of trends and the direction of the wider market and business in order to plan for the future in a sustainable manner

  • Corporate Communication

Essential to all the other Dimensions, it is important a data Leader be able to carry the weight of the department and members of your Data team who rely on you to fight their battles as well as your own. Data is a relatively new and misunderstood arena within the corporate hierarchy in order to get a fair share of the resources it is essential you are able to inform the right people in a simple and succinct manner that appeals to their core function, what you need, why you need it and what the benefits will be.


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