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Data Engineering & Machine Learning recruitment 7 Sectors to Focus on in 2020

7 Sectors focusing on Data Engineering & Machine Learning recruitment in 2020 (that might surprise you!)


Data Engineering & Machine Learning Recruitment

The Data Recruitment market has traditionally been dominated by sectors such as Financial Services, Marketing & Retail.  In 2020 a number of other sectors will be recruiting in and investing heavily in Data Science and specifically Data engineering & Machine Learning often relating to Artificial Intelligence – here are 7 which may surprise you.



The Government has been investing heavily in AI at this has been reported widely since the Corona Virus Pandemic for its applications in predicting outcomes but also in helping to find a cure. There are a number of other areas, including Security which are also high profile uses of AI, but Many departments across government including DEFRA are also ramping up AI and needing Data engineering & Machine Learning specialists, whether permanent or through partnerships and consulting


The Insure-tech market is gaining significant investment and market share with a whole range of innovative tech companies around the world looking to utilise Data Science & Machine Learning to optimise risk selection and pricing, improve customer service & identify industry trends.

In 2020 you can expect to see a lot of Insurers look to take parts of these services and technology in house or form Partnerships with Tech leaders. Data & Product Leaders will be needed, with skills not widely available in the Industry, to build these teams and functions.


The Agri-tech Sector is gaining momentum, with optimisation in growing produce and managing the land using Machine learning & Ai as well as Autonomous Vehicles or Robots which are likely to be a quicker win than vehicles that run on public roads and therefore a great testbed of the Technologies.

Private Equity

For some Private Equity firms, Data Science is revolutionising how they invest their Billions. Cloud & Artificial Intelligence infrastructures and advanced modelling techniques are able to give quick answers to some of the most important questions that investors want answering.

The ultimate goal is to combine the scale and speed of new technology with human knowledge and research, to create smarter & more valuable investment decisions.

Expect to see more PE firms applying some Data Science Recruitment techniques to try to hire the best Data leaders from other sectors in 2020


Major construction projects create a HUGE amount of Data. Construction companies have been starting to realise that modern technology can allow them to collect and structure this data in a format ripe for analysis and value creation. Another Cross over from Geolocation Services, in property and mapping, is the use of Lidar and other accurate surveying technologies as well as coupling with Robotics (drones mostly) to speed up and simplify site assessments, as well as reducing Waste

Energy Sector

This Sector has already seen a huge shift in the customer focus using Data Science, but Machine Learning and AI has the potential to radically change the way the infrastructure and processes of Energy production and distribution occurs, this is aided by the increase in distributed power production from Solar & Wind as well as the increasing uptake in Electric Vehicles requiring more flexibility from the grid to best optimise and balance production and demand


A much-overlooked sector when it comes to Data Engineering & Machine Learning. Deep Learning is already proving to offer massive benefits to providing insight as well as linking property data with other sectors. Data & Insight will be a major factor in the shakeout of Commercial and Residential property sectors following the Pandemic and its effect on decision making for where we live & work in the future.

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