Data Science, Medicine & Data Governance

Data Science, Medicine & Data Governance

The importance of Data Science in Medicine has never been more starkly highlighted than the current times.

Businesses like Faculty are using AI to find key metrics in the billions of rows of data.  Others like Hitachi Vantara, Babylon health and Current health to name but a few of the hundreds.

A few years ago, the Partnership of Deepmind a Google-owned business and the NHS, produced headlines. Since then many other companies have worked in partnership with the NHS. Harnessing the information in service of many healthcare needs.

There are also a growing number of other businesses developing data lead healthcare approaches.

From wearable technology – to monitor physical and mental health through to adapting simulation modelling from industrial production and factory design to aid in developing new capacity and processes.

Data governance within Data science & particularly when using patient and other Healthcare data is of grave concern. Profiling or use of AI and any inherent bias in those techniques has the potential to ruin any potential gains made.

The priority must be for industry-leading Data leadership, governance & security in dealing with this highly this sensitive information. Data breaches or the inference of discrimination will have the potential to call into question the whole sector.


Data science in medicine also offers significant opportunities;

  • Data governance restrictions mean local businesses have more opportunity to gain access as Multi-nationals can’t necessarily bring their size & scale to bear
  • It’s in the national interest to spread the data across as many organisations as possible to spread risk and diversify the approach
  • The UK is in a strong position having an established national health system with ownership of vast amounts of data.

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