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Board First

Board First incorporates a set of the most advanced tools, deep experience, capabilities and assessment technology that allow boards, CEOs and nominating committees to build the most effective and competent board leadership and governance.

Board First distinguishes itself as the premier board services practice within the Digital & Data ecosystem by:

  • Maintaining a network of the highest performing CEOs & Top Leaders who are recognised as the most sought after Directors.
  • Tracking and representing the professional and board careers of next generation Transformational CEO’s & leader
  • Influencing the success of start-ups and early-stage companies by building out their boards with outstanding Non-Executives that not only deliver superb governance, but also provide critical business contacts and mentorship resulting in the creation of major market leaders.
  • Benefiting from the unique track record of securing critical new Director talent during the most challenging transitions for companies like HP, Adobe, Apple and Biogen
  • An ability to provide our clients valuable insight into the human qualities of integrity, shared values, temperament, intellectual horsepower, outstanding leadership and a passion for accomplishment as a result of working with many of the best contemporary leaders in the Digital, Data & Technology space.

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