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Hiring a Chief Data Officer – Do’s & Don’ts

How Should you go about hiring a Chief Data Officer?



  • Ask yourself whether ‘Chief Data Officer’ is the Right Job Title for the role you are hiring



  • Have a strategic vision to create a competitive advantage from your data, but also we aware that might not be able to happen immediately. There are many barriers to effective use of your organisations data and thoughtful strategic problem solving for longterm benefits are more valuable than quick fixes


  • During the interview focus your assessment of potential candidates on Business Impact, Stakeholder Management & Talent Acquisition


  • Have a clear and precise vision of what success looks like for the CDO in 12/24 months’ time – Set ambitious but attainable goals


  • Give them freedom and budget to make changes



  • Decide to hire a Chief Data Officer just because everyone else is


  • Hire them because they are the best Technical Specialist – This is a business role


  • Think your ideal candidate will already have a Chief Data Officer job title on their CV. (In fact, the opposite may be true)


  • Start your recruitment process until you have defined the precise leadership profile and experience the individual will need to be successful


  • Make the hire unless you are 100% on where the reporting lines are and where the role will sit in the leadership structure


  • Hire a CDO who is not able to demonstrate high levels of strategic vision


If you follow these simple rules before starting the process you will be in a position to make a positive hire for your Organisation and Start to see the potential of your Data being put into use.


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