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Data Analytics Leadership Recruitment

In today’s business world Data & Analytics leadership is of crucial importance to all established and ambitious companies.

Your company’s ability to harness its Data, analyse it, and deliver important insights to the business is the difference between poor & exceptional performance. Get this right and you will see huge improvements in business performance, Customer & Client satisfaction.

To get this right though requires correct Data Analytics Leadership recruitment to be in place within your company. It is the Elixir that will allow you to outperform your competitors and drive growth and value.

Executive Search & Talent Pre-Assessment

Unless the right leadership is in place a business will struggle to create the necessary Data Analytics environment & transformations required to achieve its goals. Companies will fall behind their competitors, suffering a steady decline in much the same way major high profile brands have done in the early part of this Century who fell behind in the Digital transformation race.

  • We have built high performing Data Analytics leadership teams for some of the world’s most well known and fastest growing companies
  • Our domain expertise allows us to offer Clients a fresh and informed perspective on their hiring challenges
  • We are the only firm that continually track the best performing Data & Analytics leaders in Europe and the US across all business sectors
  • Guided by our clients needs & strategy we construct an ideal profile using our 5 Dimension Data Analytics leadership model, which we are then able to assess candidates against
  • We also provide scientific behavioural guidance on the leaders that will be best suited culturally to your company

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Typical Roles / Functional Areas:

Chief Analytics Officer

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Scientist

Head of Analytics

Customer Data Analytics

Data Management / Architecture

Marketing Analytics

Business Intelligence

Risk / Compliance Analytics

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