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What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with Wyatt Partners on a number of key global hires over the past 12 months, which have been very successful.

Their process is rigorous, but it's very efficient and we had shortlists delivered quickly. I believe they’ve hired the absolute best candidates in the market for us, which has made a huge impact on our business. Excellent work.”

Steve Simpson
Global President - Data & Technology @

“One of if not the most crucial hire I had to make on my leadership team was a Director of Data Science. It had proved a difficult role to find a suitable candidate for, as we were looking for a multifaceted leader who wear both technical & commercial hats:

• Centralise a Data Science team of 10-15 pax and grow that out to 30 quickly, whilst giving the team structure, confidence & an identity within the business

•The ability to communicate effectively at C-Suite level within a major PLC

•An individual with the change & transformation skills to deliver Data Science & Advanced Predictive Analytics capability into traditional business functions (supply chain, logistics etc) to drive value

•Someone who also came from a hands of background themselves of applying statistics & machine learning solutions

We engaged Wyatt Partners based on their experience, knowledge of the marketplace & guaranteed project based delivery method. They moved quickly and were able to bring an excellent shortlist of candidates to the hiring table for this rare combination of skills and experience.

To date the candidate is still in role and has proved a real success within Easyjet, leading a team that is now delivering 10’s £millions incremental revenue for the business each year.”

Luca Zuccoli
Chief Data Officer @

“Wyatt Partners did excellent work for Zopa, helping us to find star players' during a period of hyper growth for the company.

They were consistently able to produce a diverse range of candidates who were strategically aligned to the business”

Giles Andrews
Chairman @

“Bedrock is one of Europe’s fastest growing Tech Companies & on track to become the biggest Streaming Technology Platform in Europe, having gained 45+ million users on 7 different streaming platforms across 5 countries. It was very important to us that we could find a Data & AI leader to align with this kind of scale & lead us on the Customer Personalisation & Advanced Analytics projects that our customers & partners demand.

We engaged Wyatt Partners to take on this Search because of their reputation for hiring key Data Leadership roles globally. One year later we are extremely pleased with the result of the hire. The Data organisation within Bedrock continues to grow & we are making excellent progress leveraging Data & Advanced Analytics, which ultimately is allowing us to offer our partners functionality within out platform that rivals the leading streaming services anywhere in the world”

Jonas Engwall

“We retained Wyatt Partners to deliver a couple of Senior Data hires for us. Both searches were filled with top class candidates in a very efficient manner.

They saved us a huge amount of time and energy in the process.

They are very knowledgeable and incredibly well networked in the Data &Tech space, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Ryan Pritchard
Managing Director @

"As one of the worlds fastest growing bitcoin start-ups we are only able to hire top quality candidates and need an almost endless supply of these individuals to maintain our growth trajectory. We rely on Wyatt Partners to achieve success in this area, and they’ve been a perfect recruitment partner. Where other agencies talk, Jeremy and his team make listening their priority, and it has helped them to align great candidates with our roles time and time again.

We worked with Wyatt Partners throughout the year and they were responsible for hiring all of our Executive Leadership team in our London office. Due to the diverse nature of the candidates we required I had doubts that one firm would be able to provide all the Talent we required.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were consistently able to produce the very best senior candidates from a number of different industry sectors that fulfilled our requirements. Our recent success has been in no small part down to the exceptional talent they have secured for us.”

Joe Webb
Chief Marketing Officer @

“Jeremy & his company headhunted me for my current role at Publicis. The process was handled smoothly and expertly at all times.

Jeremy was very thorough in his assessment of me; and his knowledge of the company, the Culture and the way in which he communicated the opportunity was crucial in convincing me to undertake the interview process at a time when I was not actively looking for new roles.”

Martin Schwarzmann
Global Head of Solutions Consulting @

Wyatt Partners were responsible for headhunting me out of Skype and into my current role. I wasn't looking at the time, but they rightly assessed that the Leadership level role at Penguin Random House represented good progression for me, and it was too good an opportunity not to consider.

3 years on it has proved to be a great move for me. I have also worked with Wyatt Partners to build out my team with great success. Highly recommended.

Marco Lau
Director of Data Science & Analytics @

Although many companies claim to think outside the box when it comes to matching candidates and employers, very few actually go through the effort it takes to do that. It takes time and commitment to dig through to what lies beneath the lines of a CV. It takes vision, and a preternatural understanding of both parts' needs. And it takes courage to put forth a match that neither side would have thought of on their own.

Tim and his colleagues at Wyatt Partners can lay claim to doing just that. As someone starting over on a new career, I was a black swan of sorts; I didn't have a clear picture of what I had to offer; but they did - almost instantly. And not only was their aim spot on, but they have guided me through every step of the way to an exciting new job at a company whose culture is the perfect match for me.

Above all else, I am thankful for their competence and dedication.

Thiago Earp
Head of Content @

I have been placed by & used Wyatt Partners’ recruitment services to find candidates for my team. Both experiences were excellent. Consistently, they were able to source senior profiles coming from a wide range of sectors.

I would definitely recommend their services to companies looking to kick-start or expand their data practice

Didier Baclin
Chief Innovation Officer @

We engaged Wyatt Partners to hire a new role for PVH, a Director heading up E-commerce & Analytics, an important part of the digital transformation the company is undertaking.

The role was born out of the need to merge 2 teams together in our E-commerce division, so we needed to find a real hybrid candidate; a multifaceted leader who could combine Ecommerce, Transformation & deep Analytics & Insight skills, as well as being a good fit culturally for our business. Not an easy profile!

Under these difficult circumstance Wyatt Partners delivered an outstanding shortlist of potential candidates. The interview & offer process was managed smoothly and professionally and the end result was a great hire.”

Lesley Winterbach
Head of Digital Talent Acquisition @

We were looking for an experienced executive & heavyweight leader in Customer & Brand Marketing to join our Non-Exec board as we scale our industry leading sustainable food technology & services.

Jeremy introduced us to Ines Ures, CMO at Deliveroo, who was a perfect fit. She has a hugely successful track record of global leadership roles in consumer facing companies, and leading large teams focusing on data driven customer & marketing strategy.

She also shared our values and passion to build a healthier & sustainable future for global cities. Many Thanks

Jamie Burrows

The challenge for us as a public sector organisation was to build a 1st Class Data Analytics team as part of our ambitious Data Transformation programme, but without the budgets available to Big Tech or large corporates.

What made Wyatt Partners stand apart was their incredibly tailored and rigorous approach to finding the right talent.

Wyatt Partners were able to deliver against the odds. They did this via bespoke, strategic & highly personalised candidate sourcing that was only possible given the in depth consultation we had with them at the start of the project.

In collaboration with us they also took time to work on a hiring communication and branding strategy that meant the best of what we had to offer was highlighted to the candidate pool which optimised engagement.”

Satpal Chana
Head of Data Analytics @

Wyatt Partners helped me hire a specialist consultant for my team, who had a combination of creative planning, Behavioural Science & Strategy/Insights experience.

Quite a rare combination.

Initially one of the things they helped us with reframing & redesign of Job Spec & branding collateral, to better align with the market and the type of candidate we were trying to attract.

They were able to find a candidate who had this rare blend of skills, and who had a strong motivation to join our team. A year on and the individual continues to be a great success and is playing a key role in the continued growth of our business

Lea Karam
Head of Consulting @ Behave

Joe Webb, CMO at Cloudbet.com

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