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Universe First

Executive Search Methodology

Universe First is the industry’s most advanced approach to identifying as close to 100% of the ideal candidate universe for your search. Universe First is the only Executive Search methodology that ensures you hire from the very best candidates, as opposed to the best available jobseekers.

Most firms look within their database & network for people that come close to matching the job criteria; we start with Universe First, investing considerable time and effort upfront, to research the complete candidate universe so you know that you are interviewing the best candidates, and have the comparative analysis to prove it.

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1) Starts with our proprietary client Pre-Assessment tool allowing us to gain a precise understanding of your company, culture, current hiring models and definition of your highest performing individuals in the job we are searching for today.

2) We identify every company that is either a direct competitor or companies serving similar markets that house the best talent that we are searching for.

3) We identify everyone doing the job we are searching for, as well as everyone that could be promoted into that job within all your competitors. We also identify everyone in all peripherally related companies that could possibly employ the high-performance candidates for your hire.

  • Unlike our competition we do not rely on old or incomplete data
  • Universe First delivers the most thorough knowledge about the complete candidate universe at the beginning of the search than our competition knows at the end of the search
  • Universe First not only makes the search process transparent, it also allows companies to statistically diagnose the definition of what truly represents the very best candidates available.
  • With Universe First in conjunction with our additional proprietary methodologies you get to choose not from the easiest to identify and the most available candidates but from the very best  “First” in class candidates from the most complete candidate universe.
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