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Universe First

Executive Search for Data Leaders

Our Executive Search solution Universe First is the only Search Methodology in the world specifically focused on Data Analytics leadership. For our clients it ensures:

☛ They have the ability to hire the very best candidate possible
☛ AND it completely de-risks the hiring process for them

Universe First is the industry’s most advanced approach to identifying as close to 100% of the ideal candidate universe for your search.

It assures our clients hire from the very best candidates, as opposed to the best available jobseekers.

We help our clients craft their Data Analytics narrative & brand, job specifications, compensation & retention frameworks for a hire; all crucial aspects in engaging the very best passive talent in the Data Leadership community

Most firms look within their database & rely on adverts & Linked In mails to find people that come close to matching the job criteria; we start with Universe First, investing considerable time and effort upfront, to research the complete candidate universe so you know that you are interviewing the best candidates, and have the comparative analysis to prove it.

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– Universe First not only makes the search process transparent, it also allows our clients to see a complete view of the market & diagnose what truly represents the very best candidates.


– Universe First is a rigorous and thorough search process that brings top 1% of talent to the hiring table, whilst also delivering a raft of market intelligence, optimising a company’s brand, and all while totally de-risking the hiring process.

Retained Search: De-risk your hiring process with Universe First

Wyatt Partners have successfully completed Retained Search assignments globally in Data Leadership.

We treat each assignment as unique and will allocate time and resource accordingly, although typically we dedicate a team of 3 Consultants to work on each assignment who are aided by several research staff.

Our proprietary Search methodology ‘Universe First’ is designed to identify as close as possible to 100% of the Candidate universe for any given role. This could be anywhere between 100 – 1000 individuals depending on the nature of the Search.

Candidates are then interviewed and assessed by Wyatt Partners against our client’s criteria, as well as a deep referencing processes taking place for shortlisted candidates.

“One of if not the most crucial hire I had to make on my leadership team was a Director of Data Science. It had proved a difficult role to find a suitable candidate for, as we were looking for a multifaceted leader who wear both technical & commercial hats:

• Centralise a Data Science team of 10-15 pax and grow that out to 30 quickly, whilst giving the team structure, confidence & an identity within the business

•The ability to communicate effectively at C-Suite level within a major PLC

•An individual with the change & transformation skills to deliver Data Science & Advanced Predictive Analytics capability into traditional business functions (supply chain, logistics etc) to drive value

•Someone who also came from a hands of background themselves of applying statistics & machine learning solutions

We engaged Wyatt Partners based on their experience, knowledge of the marketplace & guaranteed project based delivery method. They moved quickly and were able to bring an excellent shortlist of candidates to the hiring table for this rare combination of skills and experience.

To date the candidate is still in role and has proved a real success within Easyjet, leading a team that is now delivering 10’s £millions incremental revenue for the business each year.”

Luca Zuccoli
Chief Data Officer @

“I have worked with Wyatt Partners on a number of key global hires over the past 12 months, which have been very successful.

Their process is very thorough and in depth, but we had shortlists delivered in good time. I believe they’ve hired the absolute best candidates in the market for us, which has made a huge impact on our business. Excellent work.”

Steve Simpson
SVP & Global Board Member @