CEO First

For boards, Chairman & founders, appointing a new CEO is probably the most important decision they will take, with the future of the business being inherently linked to their choice.

Not only is this decision fraught with risk & uncertainty, within the Data & Analytics sector there is the added issue of identifying relevant candidates.  For any CEO role you are looking for an exceptional leader, but finding candidates with the right leadership qualities combined with the understanding and knowledge of the Data Analytics marketplace presents an even greater challenge.

Our global CEO practice CEO First, is the only CEO practice specialising purely within the Data & Analytics sector.

Our competitive advantage over established search firms is our years of sector knowledge and experience, networking & building relationships at CEO and Board level.  This allows us not only to identify and access the top leaders quicker than the competition, but in many cases shortlist candidates that either wouldn’t have occurred to other firms or would have not even been on their radar.

We have developed a proprietary assessment technique which allows us to identify the very best company leaders & potential leaders in the sector, and a unique hiring model tailored to each client which benchmarks candidates against each other highlighting who is likely to be the most successful.

We add a layer of science to go alongside traditional gut feel, giving our clients the ability to completely de-risk the decision making process.  Smarter decision making means peace of mind.

CEO First = World Class leadership for the Data & Analytics Sector.

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