Data Analytics Leadership Assessment

How Data Analytics Leadership Assessment can make sure you Leverage your Data efficiently taking your Business to New Levels?

Wyatt Partners, the only pure-play Search firm in Data Leadership are also the only Search firm that offers a formal Data Analytics Leadership Assessment program Part of our Universe First Product. (Click the image below)


Benefits of Assessing Candidates

In a first for the Executive Search Market, Wyatt Partners are leveraging their 14 years’  experience in hiring Data Analytics leadership roles and interviewing best in class executives in the space.

This allows companies to:

  • De-Risk the hiring process
  • Ensure the right leader is hired dependent on their stage of Data Maturity & Data Mission
  • Through a rigorous process of pre-assessment, the precise profile of the Executive is defined upfront, rather than defining this through the process which often leads to lengthy processes and costly hiring mistakes


Wyatt Partners Data Analytics Leadership Assessment allowed us to see precisely the strengths and experience of candidates that were shortlisted for our Chief Data Officer hire.  This allowed us to make an informed decision based on our companies goals and stage of Data Maturity.  Instead of selecting a candidate based on gut feel and who ‘we liked’, we were able to bring on board an individual perfectly suited to delivering what success looks like for us in the next 36 months.  It was an ideal tool to help us in the Search Process.”

Ryan Pritchard, Managing Director @ Funding Options


Contact us to learn more – https://wyatt.partners/data-analytics-leadership/