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How to spot great Data Analytics Translators

The Data Analytics Translator; The new sexiest role of the 21st Century?

Maybe not, but of absolute critical importance to companies as they try to scale their Data Analytics efforts & infrastructure. They can be the game changers that mean success or failure of an initiative. They will be able to define the business problems, know the right questions to ask, understand the important metrics to measure, and be the glue binding disparate departments and executives together.

The Talent shortage in Data Science has long since past, the talent shortage & talent war for Data Analytics Translators is just beginning. They are Polymaths with hybrid skillsets combining great communication & project management, technical knowledge, business acumen, and will have an ability to stay calm whilst all around are losing their heads.

But how do you spot these people? What are the right questions to ask to help you decide?  Here are a few to start:


– What have been your experiences or aligning Analytics capability with Business Strategy?

– What were the most common analytics techniques/algorithms applied to the business problems you worked on?

– What are the typical challenges faced when delivering analytics solutions into the business?

– Have you/What courses have you taken to improve your analytics & Data Science knowledge?

– How have you helped leaders identify, define & prioritise business problems in the past?


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