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The Chief Data Officer role that no one wants………

New Chief Data Officer role – check it out

Candidates should take the time to read all the elements of this job advert carefully. Please make your application promptly.

Our client are a Large corporate looking to hire a figurehead Chief Data Officer who can talk a great game to the board and/or shareholders.

On arrival in your new role you will find the following:

● An organisation with no commitment to change
● Resistance at every turn
● No technology or hiring budget available
● Reporting into the CIO

Expectations of you in the first 12 months:

✔ Hype AI to the point of nausea
✔ Learn and be able to repeat Gartner’s CDO Industry trends word for word
✔ Do the rounds & attend all the Industry conferences talking about how we are breaking down silos and leveraging Data as a strategic asset
✔ Talk about Data Operating models endlessly to anyone that will listen
✔ Spend time embedding Data Scientists into specific business functions……then taking them out and centralising them, then embedding them again, then centralising them again………then embed them again

You’ll also be expected to fight with the CIO on Data ownership & Data Governance.

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